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E-Signatures on Confirmed Minutes

Allow board chairs and board members to be able to add their signatures to Minutes and other documents within BoardPro.
over 4 years ago in Document improvements / Minutes 18 Shipped

2FA -2 factor authentication

Currently, if someone obtains a Boardpro password that person has full access/download information that this password/access allows. Using two independent mechanisms to verify the identity of a user improves security dramatically. E.g a passwo...
over 4 years ago in Roles and Permissions 12 Shipped

Allow for circular resolutions

Sometimes boards have to make decisions out of the meeting. It would be great if BoardPro could: Enable to process to generate and distribute an out of meeting resolution Capture everyone's agreement on it (if not 100% agreed on, must go to the ne...
over 7 years ago in  2 Shipped

Meeting Scheduluer

Have BoardPro send out a calendar invitation to book meetings in board members calendars.
about 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 3 Shipped

Auto calendar invites

Setting up future meetings in Board Pro is excellent. What would be even better is if an email calendar invites were sent out to attendees. Currently, I'm having to load board meetings in two locations: 1) Board Pro and 2) Outlook.
over 5 years ago in Other Category 1 Shipped

Interest Register across multiple entities

I would be great to be able to duplicate interest register when there are subcommittees of a board that involve the same people rather than having to load the same detail in twice
over 4 years ago in Other Category 8 Shipped

Filter action list in agenda by status

there are some items in our list which are on hold; they haven't been completed, we aren't working on currently but we don't want to delete them as they may be picked back up eventually. Having them show up on the action list every meeting clogs t...
about 5 years ago in Action Items 1 Shipped

Ability to download full board pack with annotations, rather than just sections.

When a Director leaves an organisation, they may with to retain a copy of the meeting minutes they attended, Board Packs and their annotations across these Board Packs for legal purposes (there may be times when decisions etc are challenged). At t...
over 3 years ago in Board Pack 4 Shipped

Non Meeting Reports/Key information Option

Our Board meets quarterly but we do a monthly "in between meeting" update report that save to the server and email out a link to prompt Board members to read it. It would be great if BoardPro had a section to hold these reports and to automate the...
over 5 years ago in Document improvements 1 Shipped

Interests Register Report by Director

As the disclosed interests of the directors grows, it would be good to print out a listing of interest items for each director so they can check and update it periodically.
about 7 years ago in Document improvements 4 Shipped