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Create Appendix for Correspondence

Instead of clogging the Agenda / Board Pack with reams of inwards correspondence to read, rather have a separate place or appendix that they can go to, to view / read the correspondence.
about 3 years ago in Agenda 1

In Camera Sessions outside agenda items but within the meeting timing

Our Board has In Camera sessions sometimes. I would like to be able to include the timing for this on the agenda without it having an item number, ideally above the first item.
3 months ago in Agenda 0

Drag Sharepoint documents into the agenda

No description provided
4 months ago in Agenda 0

Insert time zone after meeting time on agenda

On the final agenda (and minutes), the time zone (eg AEST) is stated after the date. Could this also be inserted after the time? We have directors over multiple time zones and it can be confusing when they overlook the time zone attached to the da...
9 months ago in Agenda 1 Planned

Ability to view all documents in the Document Repository when adding it to the agenda

The problem I need to remember the document's name if I want to add an existing governance doc to the agenda (see the attached screenshot). It would be more convenient if I can Search documents by keywords Browse all documents in the Document Repo...
10 months ago in Agenda 1

Carry through documents when duplicating last meeting for carry over items

Currently when duplicating the last meeting to form next meeting item it carries over all items which can be easily deleted/edited to form next agenda. This means that any item that is carried over is already in this agenda however the document do...
11 months ago in Agenda 1

Tagging agenda items against regulatory standards

Our Academic Board has to report against the Higher Education Standards Framework in Australia (I expect a lot of Boards have to meet regulatory standards too), and it is not uncommon to have a separate column on agendas to show which standard the...
over 1 year ago in Agenda 0

Adding Absent Drop Down to Attendees/Apologies

It is useful to track absent board members without sending an apology (the only way to currently record this is to remove from meeting)
over 1 year ago in Agenda 0

Time allocations for agenda items

it would be great to have a time allocation next to each agenda item
over 3 years ago in Agenda 1 Already exists