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Drag Sharepoint documents into the agenda

No description provided
2 months ago in Agenda 0

Show more detail for actions raised in the meeting

It would be great, time saving and helpful to show more information under Actions Raised in the Meeting, instead of the heading only.
2 months ago in Action Items 0

Dot phrases or similar for minute-taking

Minute taking during meetings could be made easier with dot phrases that allow users to type keyboard shortcuts e.g.: .nmdm for needs more discussion at next meetingThese can be system generated to start, eventually enabling users to generate thei...
2 months ago in Meeting improvements / Minutes 0

Annotation for "Between Meeting" reports please

While reading Board Reports, I find the annotation feature extremely useful for highlighting issues of particular concern to me. For reference, I add notes and comments to refer to during the meeting. I like that my notes endure within the BoardPr...
2 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 0

Expurgated / restricted minutes

Ability to provide expurgated minutes to certain directors who have a conflict of interest, while preventing them from accessing the full minutes.
2 months ago in Minutes 0

To have an editable Interest Register template

Our Board would like add additional columns to the register like 'Date of change' and 'Nature of change'
2 months ago in Interests Register 0

An in-camera or confidential flying minute

The ability to vote on an out of session resolution without the oversight of the CEO, e.g., a resolution related to CEO remuneration.
2 months ago in Flying Minutes 0

Membership category for Executive Assistants and advisors who don't attend meetings

It would be helpful to be able to designate a category for EAs and advisors who support members and meetings. These staff generally don't attend meetings, but need to be able to review meeting documentation to ensure members have the information t...
2 months ago in Roles and Permissions 0

Permanent attachments

Have the ability to have attachments carry over from meeting to meeting
4 months ago in Board Pack 0

Pre write resolutions when creating the board pack

Pre write resolutions when creating the board pack so it saves time doing it on the day and accuracy of resolution
4 months ago in Board Pack 0