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Delegate actions to one or more other people

I was present in the meeting, and accepted the action, but I need someone else to actually execute it. I would like to be able to delegate, without losing that I am responsible and accountable to report back to the board.
about 6 years ago in  6 Planned

Meeting attendance schedule

Record of annual attendance at board meetings of individual directors/trustees, this helps the Chairman and the board to see how many meetings an individual may be missing thus prompting discussion about attendance and should a new board member sh...
over 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 8

board paper template

On behalf of John Stace: Add a board paper template that allows writers to apply good practice framework to every paper written. Include these standard headings: Board Paper Headings Purpose Background Discussion Conclusion Re...
over 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 2

Annual work plan

It would be good to be able to upload all the board's annual tasks and activities for the year into BoardPro and then be able to review and reuse the list year after year.
over 6 years ago in  12

Allow more than one presenter for an agenda item

In some situations more than one person will be presenting an agenda item. Allow the interface to select more than one.
over 6 years ago in  5 Planned

Export Minutes in a Word format

As a board secretary, I would like the option to be able to download minutes in a Word format.
over 6 years ago in  1

Meeting Attendees - more options

Make it clear who are directors and who isn't. Can't tell by looking, so it appears everyone is a director.
over 6 years ago in  0 Already exists

Comments against action items

Allow user to add comments against action items - for clarification and updates on items that run over a number of board cycles. Have Seen this practice with several boards now.
over 6 years ago in  20 Planned

Integrate online meeting tool(s) into BoardPro

We used Amolto to record the Skype meeting (Audio and video). The complete board meeting transcript will be used to put together the minutes. Having a record meeting (audio and visual/screen) function inside Boardpro would be a great add-on (charg...
over 6 years ago in  0