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Notifications app

An App that sends you all the notifications so you don't have to have emails with all the notifications. It is doubling the workload.
11 months ago in Collaboration 0

Register/import more than one interest at a time per director when moving from a different platform

It would be ideal to have the ability to enter multiple interests per director rather than having to choose the director, date etc over and over again when setting up the interest register.
11 months ago in Interests Register 0

Download a PDF of the Action List by Meeting

It would be helpful to be able to download the Action List not by date but by meeting. Currently they can be included on the Minutes and when building an agenda you can definitely sort via date but if you just want to focus on a specific meeting y...
11 months ago in Action Items 0

View minutes profile

Teh ability to give an external entity view only rights to board minutes for compliance purposes without them being able to download would be very useful. We have an accreediation agency that needs to be able to access unredacted minutes which in ...
11 months ago in Roles and Permissions 0

To add a "draft" watermark to minutes before they are confirmed. Then it goes away one they are confirmed.

No description provided
11 months ago in Minutes 1

Search in one area over all items

Be able to search over the full program via keywords and have the results found sorted into actions resolutions notes documents Also have the existing search features, so for example if you know what you are looking for is an: action you can go to...
11 months ago in Other Category 0

Redact Boardpack for specific people

Where there is a conflict of interest it would be good to be able to redact part or all of a Boardpack from specific people only
11 months ago in Board Pack 0

Use the Between meetings as storage before next board meeting

So that the board papers can be organized in a format that is really easy to navigate
11 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 0

Add "Tabled" to motion outcome options

There are only two options available to the outcome of a motion: approved and not approved. Please add "Tabled".
12 months ago in Minutes 0

Search across both passed and not passed resolutions in decision register

It would be good to be able to search decisions register for ALL decisions (with ability to filter those passed and not passed) this would be good for clarity of data as well as the ease of looking over past resolutions presented, no matter the ou...
12 months ago in Other Category 0