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Search across both passed and not passed resolutions in decision register

It would be good to be able to search decisions register for ALL decisions (with ability to filter those passed and not passed) this would be good for clarity of data as well as the ease of looking over past resolutions presented, no matter the ou...
6 months ago in Other Category 0

Review functionality in the Minutes

As the Board members are able to review the draft minutes, it would be helpful for them to have the ability to provide feedback etc within the document but for these to be highlighted - such as the review functionality within Microsoft Word (track...
6 months ago in Minutes 0

Have separate action lists for each meeting

We have two meetings a month. A general meeting and an in committee (Confidential meeting). The Action List has actions for both the meetings and appears in both. We generally upload our general minutes on our website for the public ( the actions ...
6 months ago in Action Items 0

Able to Delete an Action

Sometimes action is raised during a meeting, however, at a later time deemed not necessary or no longer needed. It would be nice to be able to delete it even if the minutes have been confirmed.
6 months ago in Action Items 2

Allow cloning Between Meetings reports for recurring reports

Between Meeting Reports cannot currently be cloned, meaning when meetings are held bi-monthly and reports shared in between, the format/ structure etc. has to be recreated everytime. Will be helpful if cloning and/or using a previous report was po...
7 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 0

Insert time zone after meeting time on agenda

On the final agenda (and minutes), the time zone (eg AEST) is stated after the date. Could this also be inserted after the time? We have directors over multiple time zones and it can be confusing when they overlook the time zone attached to the da...
7 months ago in Agenda 1 Planned

Ability to undertake Board Effectiveness Surveys within BoardPro

Given that a Board should conduct evaluation on an annual (or biennial) basis, it would be beneficial to be able to conduct this process within BoardPro. I have seen this functionality in another Board software solution.
7 months ago in Other Category 0

Make meeting invites easy to accept/ decline

Currently board members have to download the ics file and then upload to their Outlook to add a meeting to their Outlook calendar. Ideal if they can click on Accept within the email and have the meeting saved to their calendar
7 months ago in  0

Let the meeting administrator/chair control when the board can vote during the meeting.

If a vote is added to an agenda, voting will open when the Chair or Admin opens the vote. With the current voting function, the board member can vote any time as soon as the minutes move into Draft Minutes but often, the admin or chair wants to di...
8 months ago in Meeting improvements 0

To have the month written in full for Minutes and resolutions

I note that Boardpro abbreviates the date automatically for resolutions and minutes. e.g. Jun, Jul, Aug, etc. My Board prefers the date to be written in full. Is it possible to get this change made?
8 months ago in Minutes 0