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Between Meeting Reports

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Annotation for "Between Meeting" reports please

While reading Board Reports, I find the annotation feature extremely useful for highlighting issues of particular concern to me. For reference, I add notes and comments to refer to during the meeting. I like that my notes endure within the BoardPr...
8 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 1

Default organisation time zone

Would be great to have a default organisational time zone when creating Flying Minutes so that your not having to workout time differences manually
7 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 0

Allow cloning Between Meetings reports for recurring reports

Between Meeting Reports cannot currently be cloned, meaning when meetings are held bi-monthly and reports shared in between, the format/ structure etc. has to be recreated everytime. Will be helpful if cloning and/or using a previous report was po...
about 1 year ago in Between Meeting Reports 0

Use the Between meetings as storage before next board meeting

So that the board papers can be organized in a format that is really easy to navigate
12 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 0