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Ability to add a document to, or via an Action item

Actions often involve the creation of a document external to boardPro (a Word doc or an excel file or an email etc). This document is the 'proof' or the output of the Action. Users want to be able to attach this to the Action item so that in futur...
over 5 years ago in Action Items 1

Could we have more options added to the Due Date for Action Items

It would be helpful to be able to select options other than having to choose a specific date such as: a) Next Board Meeting b) Ongoing WIP
almost 7 years ago in Action Items 2

Actions need a priority feature

Actions are not created equal, e.g. "Countdown ranging proposal" is far more important than "Add stock turn into sales report". Outlook uses standard or high priority which is ok. I prefer a 3-point scale: High, Medium, Low.
over 5 years ago in Action Items 3

Show more detail for actions raised in the meeting

It would be great, time saving and helpful to show more information under Actions Raised in the Meeting, instead of the heading only.
10 months ago in Action Items 1

Ability to change order of action list

We require the ability to change the order of the action list, and how it comes up when exporting. This should be made possible with either a drag and drop or a numbering function
over 3 years ago in Action Items 1

Schedule Action items

My outlook diary is my one source of truth and I use it to schedule all my work. One of the life changing tips I give my board members is that emails can be picked up and dropped into your calendar - ie: action reminders so that actions are schedu...
about 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Ability to duplicate an action and then simply assign to another person

Often we need an action such as "provide your report on xyz to abc by date" and multiple board members are required to do that action (not necessarily on the same team so different to assigning the action to several owners also want the individual...
over 2 years ago in Action Items 1

Notification of action completion

A notification emailed to account owner or secretary advising an action has been completed.
about 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Consolidated action notice

One question that came up was, when there are actions sent out, is it possible to get all the actions for one person sent in one email rather than multiple ones? Please advise when you get a chance.
over 6 years ago in Action Items 1

Transfer actions between meetings

Sometimes, you need to shift action points between meetings so that they belong to the right person. BoardPro doesn't allow for this currently. You have to delete and create actions again... AND raise those actions inside a board meeting. This rel...
about 5 years ago in Action Items 4