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Ability to download full board pack with annotations, rather than just sections.

When a Director leaves an organisation, they may with to retain a copy of the meeting minutes they attended, Board Packs and their annotations across these Board Packs for legal purposes (there may be times when decisions etc are challenged).

At the moment, they can only download their annotations by section, which would mean a lot of work! It would be great to enable this functionality across the whole board pack if possible.

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  • Aug 24 2020
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    Kim Thibault commented
    21 Oct, 2021 09:45am


    I am pleased to let you know that this is now available in BoardPro. You can now easily download the whole board pack with, or without annotations.

    This new feature is available for new board packs created after 18 October!

    Please check it out and let us know via the chat bubble if you have any questions!


  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2021 12:53am

    Agreed, this is critical to using the service.

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr, 2021 05:29am

    Agreed. This is very much needed for a number of reasons

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2020 01:47am

    I 100% agree. This would be really handy for us. I had actually just asked this question now via the online chat and found out it wasn't able to be done. Our reasoning for this is that we go into a bigger meeting space and the internet is not that great in there as is a while away from the modem and with up to 14 people accessing BoardPro in the one meeting can get pretty slow. Our Directors could therefore download the entire BoardPro pack with annotations and use this which would make it easier. It is weird you can do this by section but not the whole Board Pack as a whole. BoardPro this would be amazing if you could make this a feature :) I also like the suggestion re Directors leaving to download as a whole as mentioned above. Thanks heaps.