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Have tenure dates for the Board

If a Board Member resigns or if we have a Chair that is appointed for only 2 years (for example) it would be nice to be able to add those dates to their information and have their names instead of revoked or removed as archived.

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  • Apr 29 2021
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    30 Sep, 2021 11:07pm

    A more general directory of board members, date of appointment, committee membership, contact details etc. would be handy.

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    27 Sep, 2021 07:51am

    Great idea and will be invaluable. To add my pennies-worth :

    Add a start date and end date for all classes of people granted access - Board, Seretary, administrator, executive officer etc.

    Add a status such as active and non active the latter staus removing any access, email notifications etc but retaining all information about the person and their actions when using BoardPro.