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As a board when we have AGM's we also invite our Shareholders and others that we want to be able to track interests, actions, decisions and for them to be able to log in and read the board pack. But having an extra committee for a meeting once a year is costly and it is also not ideal to have it as part of our regular board.

It would be fantastic if BoardPro could offer a solution plus any templates on how we can conduct an AGM and or an EGM.

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  • Nov 22 2021
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    24 Nov 10:25pm

    As a national association, we instigated online AGM's six years ago. We do this through Survey Monkey, but would love the ability to do it through BoardPro.

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    24 Nov 03:17am

    I create a standard meeting but call it the AGM for most of my clients.

    Actions are tracked manually, decisions are recorded as per usual.

    Make sure you have the following year agm already loaded into the meeting list, then when you select the meeting to approve the minutes at, you select this date the following year then it doesn't keep coming up with a spare set of minutes to approve at each monthly meeting.

    A point that is annoying, if you have a small shareholder base adding in each shareholder is tempting, but in doing this they will be added as participants to every meeting you set from then on. It is easier to manually record attnedees in an old school agenda item of attendees and apologies.