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Delegate actions to one or more other people

I was present in the meeting, and accepted the action, but I need someone else to actually execute it.  I would like to be able to delegate, without losing that I am responsible and accountable to report back to the board. 

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  • Jan 16 2017
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    12 Sep, 2019 04:53am

    We often have multiple board members assigned to one task to work together as a group. Plus sometimes a task is for ALL board members e.g. Review and respond to a document within a time period. 

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    7 Jun, 2017 09:20pm

    Hi Brett
    I remembered the minor enhancement that would be good that we were talking about yesterday.   It is when it comes to “actions”, it would sometimes be good to add more than one person to that particular action.  Something to maybe look at if you haven’t already done so.
    You also may get something from below for your marketing.  It’s a true story!
    I handed our secretary a laptop at the start of a meeting and said try this.  She had never used it before but picked it up instantly and, long story short, the minutes were out the next day with everyone clear on the actions for the month.  That’s a big change from receiving the minutes the day before the next meeting.
    The next meeting when looking for approval to purchase boardpro she said  “I’m not going back, if you don’t buy it you may have to find a new secretary”
    Mike Lay