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Created on Apr 28, 2022

Timestamp for action comments

It's very frustrating at present how we have to create our own system for adding comments to actions. I've tried to create a manual workaround using initials and dd/mm/yyyy but, with multiple contributors, this gets messy fast. See screenshot below.

I propose functionality that automatically records a time stamp and shows comments in chronological order. Ideally the most recent at the top.

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  • Guest
    Aug 14, 2022

    Morning, BoardPro. Can we get an update on this, please.

    I've just gone in to read some minutes and create an agenda, and it is incredibly frustration how different users use different methods, and placements, to reply within action items. I've tried to manually train everyone to do this the same way (all new comments at the top with the format "GN 15/08/22 -" but they keep just doing it their way.