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Created on Sep 20, 2022

Have separate action lists for each meeting

We have two meetings a month. A general meeting and an in committee (Confidential meeting). The Action List has actions for both the meetings and appears in both. We generally upload our general minutes on our website for the public ( the actions from the confidential meeting are in there too and seems out of place to be there.) I have deactivated the action list in the Confidential meeting as I don't want the actions appearing in the General meeting. I will put the Action as a note in the meeting and will do a table at the end of actions. Email members of their actions. If each meeting had it's own unique action list - then it is contained in that meeting especially for confidential/in committee meetings/adhoc meetings which are dealing with a specific topic (Instead of every action all gathered and mixed together in one action list - which can be confusing to sort and filter)

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