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Board spot review

Kerryn Newton passed on this material from boardroom insider:


Portal programs have online polling/questionnaire capabilities that still go fallow among most boards. “As more boards moving into looking at their performance, there are opportunities to build in self-evaluation tools,” notes Amy Rojik, director of the BDO Center for Corporate Governance. Rather than formal board evaluation every year or two, why not more frequent “spot quizzes” on targeted aspects of performance (quality of board materials, agendas, leadership, committee work, etc.)? These can be compiled securely, and track ongoing trends. Or, the chair can do quick board polls on a pending issue, change in meeting format, etc. Corporate secretaries and chairs tend to view their portal as a “push” tool for sending info to directors -- think of ways it can “pull” advice and views in the other direction.

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  • Feb 26 2018
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    29 Mar, 2018 08:04pm

    I support this. Our Board(s) often  have to resolve issues in between meetings and I cannot track such resolutions. I have to create a "dummy" agenda and an associated minute, compiling the voting "by hand" from email replies. I took a look at the Diligent offering recently (too dear), but this was an attractive feature they had.