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Import Interests Register

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  • May 8 2018
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    29 Sep, 2020 04:00am

    I have a number of organisations on BoardPro, plus subsidiary Committees. Import or cross reference functions would make life a lot easier at both start up and for updates.

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    14 Sep, 2020 07:12am

    If there was the option when a director joins a new board to check the box to say import all my conflicts from xyz board.

    This could also be useful to add a notification across all boards - Ms XYZ has just updated their position at ABC, would you like to update your interests register? - or even I've updated my interests register update all my boards...

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    16 Apr, 2020 11:24pm

    I think it is useful to have the ability to copy documents between organisations, e.g. in the event that two Boards are sometimes comprising mostly the same people, so need to have the same info in two places!