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Allocate an action item to more than one Board member

Allow/allocate/delegate/assign 2 or more people to work as a team on an action
over 4 years ago in Action Items 40 Planned

add notes/updated to actions from the take minutes screen

Actions are discussed and updated at the board meeting - it would be cleaner to add an update rather than have to edit the action and type the date and an update. As a Board Secretary its often my job to run through the actions list, when there ar...
about 2 months ago in Action Items 0

It would be good to have additional Status available for Action Items

Sometimes Actions Items are no longer required, due to the outcome from other events. Sometimes they merge with others etc. It is good they can be edited and additional notes, but also it would be better to set a status of "Not completed" "Superce...
almost 3 years ago in Action Items 5

Add in reminders for overdue actions

I love that we can choose the cadence of reminders for meetings and actions. However, it would be good to say send a reminder for overdue actions every 3,5 or 7 days... once the actions are overdue, they often get missed until the next board meeti...
2 months ago in Action Items 0

Send just one email with all the action reminders for that person in it

Instead of having to send individual action reminder emails to one person for all of their open actions send just one email with all the action reminders for that person in it
about 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Action fields within decision to save extra typing

By having an action field within decisions actions can be immediately assigned if appropriate, rather than needing to generate the action separately. Only needs to be filled in if there is action to be taken. This would save a lot of extra typing!...
almost 2 years ago in Action Items 0

Follow up to Action items

If I have an action to complete, is there anyway to comment on the action (once you have done it or have the info) so that the info goes out to all the people on the Board
almost 3 years ago in Action Items 1

Include more updates to Action items in Board Pack

Currently the Board pack only shows the most recent update to an action item. It would be great to be able to include all updates in the board pack; or allow the Action item's owner or Company Secretary to choose the updates relevant to include in...
4 months ago in Action Items 0

Able to Delete an Action

Sometimes action is raised during a meeting, however, at a later time deemed not necessary or no longer needed. It would be nice to be able to delete it even if the minutes have been confirmed.
over 1 year ago in Action Items 2

A downloadable format of the completed action list

Ideally what we would like to see is a completed action list that may have been completed prior to a board meeting but can still be seen by the board?Two thoughts would be either to have a folder for completed action items in review - to then be c...
over 1 year ago in Action Items 0