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Easily capture correspondence

Comment from Board Secretary: As a school we receive a lot of correspondence via email, usually with a pdf attachment (MOE newsletters etc). If we could just forward these emails to boardpro, it would save so much time. At the moment I need to pri...
over 1 year ago in Document improvements 0

Ability to Drag Folders containing files rather than having to open the Folder and upload the information or files. Particularly when setting up a new Sub-Committee with historical documentation or using BoardPro for the first time, where historical information is required to be uploaded. Also the type of files media files, videos, etc currently unable to upload.

Time saving
8 months ago in Document improvements 0

Ability to sort the order of Governance document folders other than by A-Z

Would like to rank folders by relevance i.e An archive folder at bottom of selection, and a Review Required at the top. Ability to move folders ( similar to re-ordering actions & decisions when drafting minutes) would be ideal.
about 3 years ago in Document improvements 2

Space for signatures on printed minutes

For reports and closing the meetings, I need sections for signatures. Our board requires the chair to sign the minutes then wo board members to move and seconded the meetings sign off at the end. Can this be added to a printed version of previous ...
almost 5 years ago in Document improvements 0 Planned

Allow copying of subfolders in Governance Docs

It would be convenient if we were able to copy folders under Governance Docs instead of having to go through the entire process of creating a whole new folder. I find I have a couple of folders that contain the same subfolders.
9 months ago in Document improvements 0

Confidential Watermark option on all pages

Hi, is there any chance you can add the option of putting a watermark on all pages when finalised? Prior to using Boardpro we compiled board papers in Adobe Pro which gave us the option to insert a watermark ('Confidential') on all pages. Example ...
almost 2 years ago in Document improvements 0

Linking back to previous papers

It would be helpful in a report to be able to hyperlink back to previous papers all within BoardPro.
11 months ago in Document improvements 0

Selectively prevent documents from being downloaded or printed

At present we can make a 'global' setting so no documents can be downloaded and/or printed. It would be helpful to be able to have a document setting to so that documents could be selectively marked as Not Downloadable or Printable.
almost 2 years ago in Document improvements 0

Universal search terms

The ability to search through attachments when using the search function in the Meeting Documents section. Currently you have the ability to search for a keyword in a title but to have a broader search would be beneficial.
over 1 year ago in Document improvements 0

Secure proposed documents can be edited by more than 1 member

Our committees would like to be able to collaborate in a secure and private space on documents prior to them being added to the agenda. This is where multiple suggestions and editing can happen only by committee members and a record kept of the su...
about 3 years ago in Document improvements 0