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Document improvements

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Digital Signing

Allow board chairs and board members to be able to add their signatures to Minutes and other documents within BoardPro.
over 3 years ago in Document improvements / Minutes 15 Planned

Risk Register

I love the Decision Register. Similar functionality for a Risk Register, a key governance function, would also be an excellent addition. I manually do this currently with a table like below: Risk Impact (Very Low, Low, Medium, ...
over 4 years ago in Document improvements 7

Renaming documents

It would be great if you could rename a document once it is uploaded. This feature is avaialble in another Board platform I've used previously and saved a lot of time
over 1 year ago in Document improvements 1

Register list for Trustee/Director Professional Development

Our Trustees have requested that they have a area where they are able to record their professional development (both individually and as a board as whole) to feed into and report on the Board Development Plan. The Trustees have requested that they...
9 months ago in Document improvements 1

Customise the style and format of the board pack

Ability to customise the appearance of the board pack with options such as fonts, text size, accent colour, line spacing, etc
over 5 years ago in Document improvements 18

Correspondence Register - Inbound | Outbound

Trust Board members use a Correspondence Register to be informed on Governance related inbound and outbound correspondence received and sent. For Inbound there are three action categories - Review, Decision/Action, Agenda Item for Trustees to peru...
7 months ago in Document improvements 1

Personal Folders for Board Members

Board Members can upload and store documents in their own folders within the Governance Repository. Can be personal documents or be able to download and store board packs with their annotations.
10 months ago in Document improvements 0

Digital Signing for Board Members on Documents

Occassionally we have documents that require Board Members to sign for example: if a specific report has been added to the board pack, an attendance record, or Conflicts of Interest. It would be nice if they could do that online and that copy with...
over 1 year ago in Document improvements 0

Ability to Drag Folders containing files rather than having to open the Folder and upload the information or files. Particularly when setting up a new Sub-Committee with historical documentation or using BoardPro for the first time, where historical information is required to be uploaded. Also the type of files media files, videos, etc currently unable to upload.

Time saving
4 months ago in Document improvements 0

Export capability of documents

While yes you can download documents it would be great to have a better export capability, to make it easy to get all past minutes and documents in a single ZIP file rather than individually downloading them.
7 months ago in Document improvements 0