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Customise the style and format of the board pack

Requested by Leon Collier: 

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  • Jul 12 2017
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    24 Jun 02:48am

    I agree with everything said here. The ability to format the agenda style/text would be greatly appreciated. Also the ability to remove items such as "Close Meeting"if not needed - a lot of NZ meetings just do General Business and then that's it. The ability to simplify and streamline the agenda would be appreciated.

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    26 May 02:03am

    Hi, we are currentlly trialing BoardPro. one of our board members has noted that the agenda and minutes are 'rather clunky and "americanly" old-fashioned in style', and suggested we update the formatting to be smoother .... I am not seeing any options for different format options. Do you have any plans to include this as an option at all?

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    14 May 03:43am

    I am loving BoardPro, however it would be good to have control over functionality of headings and subheadings - i.e. bold, size and colour.

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    27 Nov, 2019 05:05am

    Hi there,


    Hope you are having a lovely day.


    We would like to suggest a format change to the Agenda and are hoping you can assist.  Would it be possible to change the main headings and make them bold and then have the sub-headings not in bold. It seems to be in the reverse at the moment and we feel it would make more sense and look better to have the main headings bolded.


    If you could please let me know that would be wonderful.


    Thanks so much.


    The SAFV Centre