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Increase the character limit of the comment with email notices from 500 to 1000

We often provide notes (e.g. actions on all members, reminders of upcoming related events that were discussed at the meeting) when sending our draft minutes to members. 500 characters is very restrictive! It would also be helpful to be able to see...
almost 2 years ago in Email Notification 0

Add additional Automated Emails

Our process for meetings is to put a call out for agenda items and related board paper due date (say 10 days before meeting) a reminder between 5-7 days out that board papers are now due and the meeting is set for, then the day before the meeting ...
over 3 years ago in Agenda / Email Notification 0

Option to CC the assistant when BoardPro email are sent out

It would be great to have an option where assistants can be copied on email sent out from BoardPro, with items such as meeting notices, board packs, actions, etc.
over 5 years ago in Email Notification 1

Editable automated messages

Currently automated messages (great!) to say remind people of an upcoming meeting and it signs off with 'please inform your BoardPro admin if you can't make it' or something to that effect. Ideally we would like to be able to edit the sign off so ...
almost 4 years ago in Email Notification 0

Ability to change the times of meeting reminders being received

It would be good if the time of early morning meeting reminders is able to be changed so as to not receive these reminders so early.
almost 2 years ago in Email Notification 0

Add company logo to email when confirming minutes/action items

By all means show the BoardPro logo but can this be moved to the footer please, and prominently add our company logo to the top of the Minutes/Actions email to make it more legit. It could potentially be seen as junk without our company logo.
almost 4 years ago in Email Notification 0

Chane base e-mail notification to highlight what it is about

The subject should start with the company name and then what the time is about i.e. MyCompany - Change of Meeting Time MyCompany - Action Item Reminder MyCompanyName - August Board Meeting in 7 Days
almost 4 years ago in Email Notification 0

Ability to add comments when sending Board Packs

Currently, you can only publish and send a Board Pack with a generic, uneditable message. It would be really useful to have a field you can edit, e.g. "Hi guys, Board Pack for Friday. Please remember the change in location. Cheers. Geoff" or "Hi g...
over 5 years ago in Email Notification 2 Already exists