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Email Notification

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Enable one email notification with seprate calendar invites i.e for a year's worth of monthly board meetings

So the director's inboxes aren't flooded with multiple notifications when scheduling board meetings for the year
over 2 years ago in Email Notification 2

Noting changes to Board packs

When subsequent information is added to an agenda and a Board pack is reproduced as a subsequent version would it be possible to include in the email the item number of the additions
over 6 years ago in Email Notification 1 Planned

Auto reminders - Board Papers to Directors etc

Prior to scheduled Board meetings there is always a need for various Executive etc to submit Papers for inclusion into the Agenda and Board Pack. It would be helpful to be able to generate a scheduled reminder -say 10 days prior- that reminds this...
almost 3 years ago in Email Notification 0

Template e-mail Messages

Many of the BoardPro emails look the same. If you have multiple boards you are a part of it is easy to miss messages as they look like a reminder. It would be good to be able to have templates for email messages with variables to indicate where ce...
over 4 years ago in Email Notification 2

Email the Agenda / Board Pack / Minutes to more than just the meeting attendees

For people/ executives who should receive the information, but not necessarily attend the meetings
over 5 years ago in Email Notification 6

Email templates - reports and agenda items

Ability to set up auto email/notice templates, for example: - two weeks before a meeting date a notice/email is sent out asking for committee reports to be returned and agenda items for inclusion - reminder email X number of days before meeting
about 2 years ago in Email Notification 0

Action email notifications - option of 1 notification only

Include the option of ONE action email notification (rather than the minimum of 2) so that Board members don't get multiple emails from BoardPro.
over 4 years ago in Email Notification 0

Increase the character limit of the comment with email notices from 500 to 1000

We often provide notes (e.g. actions on all members, reminders of upcoming related events that were discussed at the meeting) when sending our draft minutes to members. 500 characters is very restrictive! It would also be helpful to be able to see...
over 2 years ago in Email Notification 0

Attach automated meeting invite to the outlook calendar invite - to retain format, notes and user entered text.

Currently when you accept the outlook calendar invite the original email with clear details of the meeting (including notes) is lost. The automated meeting notice is great but it's shame to lose this good information & format when the invite i...
over 3 years ago in Email Notification 0

Remove individual, not entire group, from email reminders

Not all wish to receive meeting reminders via email. Would be nice to be able to distinguish who receives reminders and who does not.
almost 2 years ago in Email Notification 0