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Add cellphone number field into the People section

Director contact info in the People section would be more complete
about 3 years ago in Other Category 0

Add a spelling checker to BoardPro

While yes there are multiple free Spell checking platforms out there that work really well with BoardPro when I am doing my agenda -Grammarly for example, it would be nice if there was one that was also included in BoardPro.
over 1 year ago in Other Category 0

Search in one area over all items

Be able to search over the full program via keywords and have the results found sorted into actions resolutions notes documents Also have the existing search features, so for example if you know what you are looking for is an: action you can go to...
11 months ago in Other Category 0

Sharing documents and ideas

From Geoff Neal: Hi guys. I've just found a great article I want to share with others on the board. What is the best way to do this?
over 6 years ago in Other Category 1

Decision Register tags

We often need to have a official and signed resolution for funders, so require the option of only printing this out. We make many decisions through our board time so adding the dates does not narrow it down enough.
almost 4 years ago in Other Category 1

A central declaration of interests register for whole of organisation.

A central declaration of interests register for whole of organisation. This would need to pull the declarations information from groups on BoardPro, but also have the ability to add declarations for people within the organisation who are not in a ...
about 3 years ago in Other Category 0

Explanation of conflict on the register

Please add a text field to write what the conflict relates to in the interests register ie: wife works for xyz company, or management contract for services
about 3 years ago in Other Category 1 Already exists

Bulk upload from spreadsheet

The ability to upload board members in bulk when you first set up the Board or Committee, including their conflicts of interest.
about 2 years ago in Other Category 0

Suggest you create a log for what time supporting material was downloaded and what time board members voted

it is an extra element of due diligence. It is a way that boards can demonstrate that their directors are making decisions based on the provision of good information. Also, if there is a 10 page support material document and the vote was made 20 s...
about 2 years ago in Other Category 1

Inactive status for inactive committees (rather than deleting/hiding that information)

When committees end, you currently hide the details from us and we have to manually export all Meeting Packs, Meeting Minutes, Current Actions, Completed Actions, Interest Register, Decision Register. This is very painful, especially the completed...
over 4 years ago in Other Category 4