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Easy access to edit all actions when taking minutes.

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over 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Timestamp for action comments

It's very frustrating at present how we have to create our own system for adding comments to actions. I've tried to create a manual workaround using initials and dd/mm/yyyy but, with multiple contributors, this gets messy fast. See screenshot belo...
over 1 year ago in Action Items 1

Have the Action Items appair in the same way as the main Adenda ie in a list in the Adenda

This would mean the same process is followed during the meeting as all the other items on the Agenda
over 4 years ago in Action Items 0

Ability to put a note and an action item in simultaneously rather than having to close one to go to the other

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almost 6 years ago in Action Items 0

Make new action items more visible

I'd like to be able to quickly see new action items raised when I review the draft minutes.At the moment, they can get lost in the wider list with older items.
about 4 years ago in Action Items 0

Ability to group several actions under one person

Some minutes have the actions collated at the bottom of a section, grouped into each person. This helps people to see who's doing what more easily and avoids duplication. However it is tricky to set this up in Boardpro, especially with the limitat...
over 2 years ago in Action Items 0

Can't link actions to minute notes

You can't currently link actions to the minute notes they apply to. As such, you have to copy/duplicate meeting minutes inside an action so that the action owner has the necessary detail and context. The best solution for this might be the ability...
over 4 years ago in Action Items 3

Task Management is good... but clients want to use it for everything now!

Task management/accountability/action is one of the weakest areas for most businesses. As such, all my clients are loving the Action Items functionality in BoardPro. The WHAT, WHO and, most importantly, the WHEN and automatic email followups! Howe...
about 5 years ago in Action Items 4