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Add a Te Reo name field for organisations

We would like to see a field added in the General Settings to allow us to include our organisation's Te Reo name. In the standard board minutes header the name would sit below the organisation name. And it could sit below the organisation name on ...
over 2 years ago in Minutes 0

Voice to text meeting minutes

During the meeting BoardPro would capture verbal discussions and transcribe them into the minutes text of the meeting
about 2 years ago in Minutes 0

Ability to type up minutes offline

I suspect this is already on your development plan. I live in Auckland, and one of my board meetings is in Christchurch. The travel time is significant, and there's no easy solution for who should pay for this... unless you can work during that ti...
almost 5 years ago in Minutes 0

Future actions/ideas

Often in a Board Meeting, you come up with great actions, ideas, or projects, but they're not a priority right now. When you set these up as actions with a future date, it makes your Action list area really messy to update. And if you store these ...
over 1 year ago in Minutes 0

Add a title or heading field to the notes

So when you look at your minutes or print out and you have several notes but about different subjects they don't all blend into one big speel. Would be great if the heading could be in bold on a seperate line.
almost 3 years ago in Minutes 1

Add "Tabled" to motion outcome options

There are only two options available to the outcome of a motion: approved and not approved. Please add "Tabled".
12 months ago in Minutes 0

Name of person signing the Minutes is required

Can the name and role of the actual Chair of a meeting automatically be entered on the last page of the Minutes under 'Close the meeting'? All that is currently shown is 'Signature' and 'Date' which isn't enough information.
over 3 years ago in Minutes 0 Planned

In camera meeting notes / minutes

My board would like to be able to record notes from an in camera session, and have these notes only visible to other board members i.e. management are unable to see them. Is this possible, even if its setting up a separate meeting category and onl...
over 2 years ago in Minutes 1

Change Recording of Voting to allow for "Agreed" i.e. 100%, "Carried" +50% Yes, or "Lost" under 50% Yes

It is useful for the record to note if a motion was fully supported, had a majority Yes, or was lost. The current voting record is either Approved or Not Approved so there is no record if the motion was unanimously passed.
over 1 year ago in Minutes 0

Remove people from the movers/seconders and action items if they are an apology to the meeting

It would be much simpler to use the movers/seconders/action items people drops downs if people who were listed as an apology to the meeting, or where not invited, did not appear in the list. We have different people taking minutes and it would red...
almost 4 years ago in Minutes 0