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Notify attendees about the updated meeting time Merged

Current Problem

When the admin changes the meeting time, it doesn’t automatically send out the update. Admin needs to click the “Notice” button to notify the attendees. The uncomfortable experience could happen when

  • Outlook, Google calendar and many other email clients automatically prompt the opportunity to send out the update when the meeting time has changed. The user is used to this interaction.

  • The current notice email is long, and the email content doesn’t clarify what has changed. Since most people usually read little in a formulated long email, they may not be aware of the time change.

Proposed Solution

Quick fix

  1. After the admin has sent out the 1st meeting notice, any meeting date, time change would trigger a button beside the meeting time - "Send Update" or "Notify Attendees".

  2. A notification will send automatically.

  3. The email should have simplified content. It displays the new date/time with the old date/time crossed out.

  • Guest
  • May 11 2021
  • Guest commented
    17 May, 2021 05:11am

    Yes! This has happened a few times where I have had board members complain that their diaries didn't match their board pack because they had missed the notice update I had sent out.