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Meeting improvements

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Send cancellation notice to individual users

We have a meeting schedule, but the calendar notice/invite was sent to a much longer list than the updated attendees. It would be helpful to send a cancellation notice to individuals who were accidentally sent the notice before they were removed f...
23 days ago in Meeting improvements 0

Repeating Monthly Meetings

It would be great to have the ability to create a recurring meeting. When adding a meeting have the option to tick a box to automatically add the same meeting date (for example on the third Tuesday of the month) into your list of meetings without ...
almost 3 years ago in Meeting improvements 11

Ability to shorten length of the meeting URL

It would be helpful to be able to shorten the length of the meeting URL e.g. When copying a Teams meeting URL the length of the URL can be 200+ characters, it would be good to be able to shorten the URL so that when it appears in the agenda etc it...
3 months ago in Meeting improvements 1

Meeting attendance schedule

Record of annual attendance at board meetings of individual directors/trustees, this helps the Chairman and the board to see how many meetings an individual may be missing thus prompting discussion about attendance and should a new board member sh...
over 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 11

Multi day meeting

allow for a single meeting to carry over to another day. That is, choose multi day meeting then enter start date and end date as well as start time and end (close) time for each day.
over 3 years ago in Meeting improvements 4

Attach documents to Minutes

Sometimes the Minutes need more than text, and it would be good to be able to attach documents to a Minute item. Decisions - the signed resolution Notes - anything Actions - anything
over 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 10

In-Committee minute functionality.

It would be great to be able to record discussion and decision outcomes that are held in-committee, but limit these to only the people who attended (or the current chair/secretary) as being able to view them.
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 9

Dot phrases or similar for minute-taking

Minute taking during meetings could be made easier with dot phrases that allow users to type keyboard shortcuts e.g.: .nmdm for needs more discussion at next meetingThese can be system generated to start, eventually enabling users to generate thei...
over 1 year ago in Meeting improvements / Minutes 0

Notify Meeting Administrator of changes to the Agenda

As a meeting administrator, I would like to be notified when someone else has made edits to a Published Agenda, so that I am aware of what was changed, when, and by whom.
over 2 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

More control over adding meeting attendees

It would be preferable to be able to turn the automatic adding of all attendees to meetings off if preferred, to enable manual adding so that people who don't attend all meetings are not automatically added.
over 1 year ago in Meeting improvements 0