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Giving more functionality to the text box for the guest field.

I am pasting some text from a Word document into the "Guest" section of the minutes that has portions in brackets that are in italics. It keeps the formatting when I paste it into the "Notes" section below it but not in the "Guest" section.

I usually download a copy and save it again in Word format for the CEO and Chair to provide their edits and then 'update' the BoardPro version accordingly.

I have been told that the text box for the guest field has limited text editing functions, users are not able to copy over the formatting into this field, and that in the notes box/purpose field there is more functionality & users are able to copy formatting to those fields.

Enabling text formatting in the "Guest" section would be useful to exactly copy the CEO/Chairs edits back into BoardPro.

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  • Jul 29 2021
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