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Created on Mar 5, 2017

Email address can vary with the organisation

As a professional board member, sometimes I need to receive email from a specific organisation email address, but I still want to have one BP login. 

Can you allow me to have more than one email address that is part of my relationship with that organisation, for receiving email from that organisation? 

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  • Guest
    Oct 11, 2022

    This would be great in the situation where you have a chair email address for one organisation but use your own personal or work email for other boards that you sit on (and are not the chair).


More than one email address

Hi, some of our board members like to have our comms go to both their personal and their work email addresses but at the moment I can only add one address per contact. It would be great to be able to accommodate this option, thanks.
over 5 years ago in Email Notification 1