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Created on Aug 14, 2017

Layout improvements - board pack

Hi guys. Just some feedback whilst I'm reading my board papers etc. I'm currently in the CSST agenda PDF file. The layout I find really distracting. Each clause within a section heading eg 2.5 is positioned immediately below the final line of the prior clause with no space between. Please could we have a space inserted between clauses? Also, the numbering is in a large size font for each clause compared with the text. The headings for each main section, eg 3. Management Reports are in std black colour and they don't stand out from the bulk of the other text. Even if they were bold it would be awesome. Maybe LUNCH could be stand-alone, not sit under a section? Just a few things I have noticed. Cheers.

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    Kim Thibault
    Feb 12, 2018

    Thanks for alerting us to this, Maria.  This should now be improved and easier to read.