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Filter action list in agenda by status

there are some items in our list which are on hold; they haven't been completed, we aren't working on currently but we don't want to delete them as they may be picked back up eventually. Having them show up on the action list every meeting clogs t...
about 5 years ago in Action Items 1 Shipped

On the Homepage, actions don't link through

All you can do is change the status of actions on the homepage. The title should be hyperlinked so that you can go through to it and add comments.
over 5 years ago in Action Items 4 Shipped

Incorporate Action List in to minutes

Ideally actions is an agenda item and the list of undone actions is available within the minutes to update and make notes against at the time in the minutes it takes place. I manually print a list of actions and make notes then write up in to minu...
over 6 years ago in Action Items 0 Shipped

Review an action item in context

As a board member, when I receive an action item email I sometimes need to see more context around it. I would like to be able to click on a link in the email notices and reminders that will take me to the meeting and allow me to read the agenda ...
over 6 years ago in Action Items 0 Shipped