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Drag attachments from one agenda item to another

When building a board pack and you create an agenda item then decide to consolidate it into another you have to delete the documents and then readd them, it would be easier to have the two items open and drag the papers across
about 1 month ago in Agenda 0

In Camera Sessions outside agenda items but within the meeting timing

Our Board has In Camera sessions sometimes. I would like to be able to include the timing for this on the agenda without it having an item number, ideally above the first item.
about 1 month ago in Agenda 0

Drag Sharepoint documents into the agenda

No description provided
2 months ago in Agenda 0

Insert time zone after meeting time on agenda

On the final agenda (and minutes), the time zone (eg AEST) is stated after the date. Could this also be inserted after the time? We have directors over multiple time zones and it can be confusing when they overlook the time zone attached to the da...
7 months ago in Agenda 1 Planned

Ability to view all documents in the Document Repository when adding it to the agenda

The problem I need to remember the document's name if I want to add an existing governance doc to the agenda (see the attached screenshot). It would be more convenient if I can Search documents by keywords Browse all documents in the Document Repo...
8 months ago in Agenda 1

Ability to "Pre-Create" an agenda item

Often in a meeting or during reviewing minutes items come up that are no Actions, but something that is suggested to be dealt with in a future meeting. i.e. Let's review our new insurances in the September meeting". It would be good if when doing ...
8 months ago in Agenda 0

Being able to "unpublish" a board pack

Sometimes in going to fast I hit publish before I am ready. Especially because the Publish button is right next to the Preview button in the Draft Agenda. It would be handy to be able to either undo it or have a confirm you want to publish before ...
9 months ago in Agenda 2

Remove any previous Closing Notes from Close Meeting item when cloning an agenda

When you clone an agenda, any notes you might have added to the end of the original are copied across - however, by definition those notes are normally only applicable to a particular meeting and shouldn't be duplicated with the rest of the agenda.
9 months ago in Agenda 1

Carry through documents when duplicating last meeting for carry over items

Currently when duplicating the last meeting to form next meeting item it carries over all items which can be easily deleted/edited to form next agenda. This means that any item that is carried over is already in this agenda however the document do...
9 months ago in Agenda 1

Continuous Scrolling on Agendas

Customer has large agenda with many and finds it difficult to reposition and insert new sections in between items.Drag and drop is preferred but will only scroll within visible screen.Requires multiple drag and drops.Can we enable continuous scrol...
10 months ago in Agenda 2