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PINNED Edit document names in Governance Documents
It would be helpful to be able to edit filenames in Governance Documents, after they have been uploaded. At present we can change folder names, but not filenames.

Document improvements

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Secure proposed documents can be edited by more than 1 member

Our committees would like to be able to collaborate in a secure and private space on documents prior to them being added to the agenda. This is where multiple suggestions and editing can happen only by committee members and a record kept of the su...
about 4 years ago in Document improvements 0

Linking back to previous papers

It would be helpful in a report to be able to hyperlink back to previous papers all within BoardPro.
almost 2 years ago in Document improvements 0

Easily move a document from the Agenda to the Governance Documents section

when a key document is brought before the board for discussion and approval, there are some key documents that you would want to be able to "move to" a governance documents folder.
about 3 years ago in Document improvements 0

Change text in documents when uploaded

to save time renaming the document
about 2 years ago in Document improvements 0

Hi there. I'd love a page break abilty, this allowing each Section to start on a fresh page.

No description provided
over 3 years ago in Document improvements 1

Shared document folder for draft purposes

can a chair and secretary have a personal shared folder to share and discuss documents prior to putting into a board platform
about 6 years ago in Document improvements 2

Universal search terms

The ability to search through attachments when using the search function in the Meeting Documents section. Currently you have the ability to search for a keyword in a title but to have a broader search would be beneficial.
over 2 years ago in Document improvements 0

Option to exclude some files from the Board Pack

Have an option to exclude some files being built into the single board pack, but rather become links instead. This can be for documents which are to remain in their native format Or supplementary documents that are optional (or exceptionally la...
over 5 years ago in Document improvements 0

Allow copying of subfolders in Governance Docs

It would be convenient if we were able to copy folders under Governance Docs instead of having to go through the entire process of creating a whole new folder. I find I have a couple of folders that contain the same subfolders.
over 1 year ago in Document improvements 0

Shorter minutes

Formatting of reports ie. Agenda and minutes Potentially could there be a standard and compact version, with the compact having mover and seconder, approved on the same line... Tighter margins etc
over 5 years ago in Document improvements 1 Will not implement