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Amend a vote - flying minute

It would be good to have the ability as an administrator to amend a vote if one is cast by mistake. To ensure the integrity of the vote it could be recorded that the administrator has amended this. Otherwise if a mistake is made, the entire flying...
over 2 years ago in Other Category 0

Encouraging everyone to read minutes

I pride myself on writing great minutes. However, some individuals within my clients don't read them. Never have, never will. It's just not their personality type. This is, obviously, not ideal for the business, or the Board Members who don't want...
about 5 years ago in Other Category 1

Import previous board decisions into the DB

An ability to perform a bulk upload of previous decisions would be handy.
over 6 years ago in Other Category 0

Multi-level list numbering

Bullet point levels are given distinct icons which is great. Numbered lists do not. See attached screenshot. 1 a i
over 5 years ago in Other Category 0

Quorum-have option for a number as well as a percentage for the client to choose what suits them best.

Currently it stands as a percentage but for eg our constitution states a number. I could convert that to a percentage, but as the number of our board members fluctuates (our constitution allows for a board of 6-8 members) and the percentage would ...
over 1 year ago in Other Category 0

Interests Register - sort field

It would be good to have to option to sort the interest register by last name as the default sort and even better to have flexibility to sort in any order - i.e. have the Chair and Deputy Chair first followed by others sorted by last name
over 4 years ago in Other Category 1

Add specific People details (or Bio) to the People Page

When adding People -a place to add specific details about the person that the admin can manage. A notes or field area where things can be added like: add a short name (might say Joseph for legal purposes on the agenda but have call Joe), birthdate...
almost 3 years ago in Other Category 0

Use the compiler to prepare documents with multiple files

Use the power of Boardpro outside the confines of the board meeting format so that one file can contain lots of PDF's et
about 3 years ago in Other Category 0

Document Register

Keep access to documents signed off by the Board (which would have previously had the company seal attached). Be good if they were categorised e.g. Leases, Customer Contracts, Supply Contracts, Bank Documents etc
about 2 years ago in Other Category 0

Seconded is good, but what about the approval of the third, fourth, fifth...?

Moved and seconded functionality is good, but sometimes you need to list that others have also all agreed/bought in to an action, e.g. for an exit sale price, you might need to record all three owners have agreed/seconded the decision.
over 5 years ago in Other Category 1 Will not implement