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Can't use an agenda from another account Merged

I am currently setting up an agenda for a Sales Committee. I want to copy the Board Meeting agenda, but it won't let me. This wastes time having to create a PDF version and copying and pasting.

The same thing happens for my other boards. I can't clone my template when setting up new clients.

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  • Jun 1 2018
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    27 Feb, 2020 12:44am

    Hi BoardPro. This is still a frustration when setting up new clients. Any plans?

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    19 Feb, 2020 04:29am

    This would be SO helpful. We have a Full Board and Executive Board. I use the same agenda for both  -  so migrating agenda would  be a magic time saver

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    28 Sep, 2018 09:13pm

    Hi guys - any updates on this? I just had to set up a new client and it drives me nuts that I can't create my agenda template from other clients to save me time. 

    I currently have to manually set up sections, and copy and paste from PDF to each field.


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    7 Jun, 2018 06:39pm

    We have a similar issue where various committees are granted permission to access Board documents and Minutes. We download the document and then save it to the entity requiring the document. It would save time and server space if we could just link to documents (assuming that they are within the security realm of the target users).