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Send meeting cancellation when meeting is cancelled in BoardPro

Currently when meetings are cancelled in BoardPro no outlook notification is sent to users telling them to cancel the meeting in their dairies. As a result Board members still have meeting invites in their dairies when meetings have been cancelled
about 5 years ago in Email Notification 0 Shipped

Personalise Board Pack Email

At times, when sending out the board pack, we have information to provide to the Board which then requires a separate email to be sent. e.g. reminder of an education session which may be taking place prior to the formal opening of a board meeting....
over 6 years ago in Email Notification 2 Shipped

Flying Minute Host email notification of comments

As a host you get email notifications as comments come in to a flying minute. This allows you to monitor comments to a flying minute without having to go into the flying minute.
over 3 years ago in Email Notification 1 Shipped

Minutes vs. Actions emails should perhaps be sent separately

When you've completed the minutes, attendees are often sent multiple action emails and a minutes email hidden in there. See screenshot. It can be very easy for someone to delete the minutes email by mistake as they delete the action items (for tho...
about 6 years ago in Email Notification 1 Shipped