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Have tenure dates for the Board

If a Board Member resigns or if we have a Chair that is appointed for only 2 years (for example) it would be nice to be able to add those dates to their information and have their names instead of revoked or removed as archived.
over 2 years ago in Other Category 4 Planned

Polling when needing to change a Board meeting date - so check members availability

No description provided
about 3 years ago in Other Category 5

Improve board member resignation process

Please improve the process for when a board member resigns, or when the chair changes, as currently it is based on real time and that conflicts with any unconfirmed minutes.
almost 5 years ago in Other Category 3 Planned

Consolidated Interests Register

Provide a consolidated Interests Register. i.e. Enter interests once which can be populated into each relevant organisation within boardPro. This may encourage further board uptake. In time this could be linked via API to the Companies Office or ...
over 6 years ago in Other Category 3

Measure board member engagement

Can BoardPro produce a report for the chair that shows the engagement level of individual board members, perhaps relative to others. i.e. how many days before board meeting do they open the board pack. Do they consume online or download the pack. ...
7 months ago in Other Category 1

Interest Register upload

The option of adding extra entries at the time without typing the directors name each time. Re: initial set up
over 4 years ago in Other Category 2

Chat inside the BoardPro

It would be very convenient to have a chat inside the platform where all Board Members or Committees can hold a discussion. Why? Because using other platforms like WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram and creating constantly new groups is annoying. Thanks:)
over 4 years ago in Other Category 10

Ability to enter and track organizational goals

Our board sets annual goals, it would be great to have goals and status tracking and summarized on home page
about 3 years ago in Other Category 0

Board spot review

Kerryn Newton passed on this material from boardroom insider: Portal programs have online polling/questionnaire capabilities that still go fallow among most boards. “As more boards moving into looking at their performance, there are oppo...
over 5 years ago in Other Category 2

Visibility of Ideas Portal

Can you please make the ideas portal more visible.Not easy to find - have to go into my profile and help and type ideas.Could you remind me of it periodically within the application itself - via a pop-up?
about 4 years ago in Other Category 0