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Provide the ability to copy the interests for a board member to his interests as a committee member after he has already been set up rather than only being able to do it at the time he is set up as a member of a committee.

It would save time for administrators and users where this was ommitted to be done on initial set up.
about 1 year ago in Interests Register 2

Register a conflict against a paper

Occassionaly documents are added to the Board Pack that a board member may have a conflict of interest with. It would be helpful to be able to register a conflict against specific papers. If it could also be not included in that person's board pac...
about 2 years ago in Interests Register 1

Interests Register Export with entity identifier

We have an issue with how the interests register is recorded in BoardPro - principally that people frequently don't record the name of the entity correctly, making automatic data matching very difficult. We have loaded unique government identifier...
over 3 years ago in Interests Register 0

Register/import more than one interest at a time per director when moving from a different platform

It would be ideal to have the ability to enter multiple interests per director rather than having to choose the director, date etc over and over again when setting up the interest register.
over 1 year ago in Interests Register 0

Interest Register - functionality

Ability to select individuals in an Interest Register i.e. separating Board from Staff before downloading a report.
2 months ago in Interests Register 0

US conflict of interest register

US non-profit corporations are required to annually record the answers from each board member to specific conflict of interest questions: I have received a copy of the organization’s conflicts of interest policy; I have read and understand the pol...
10 months ago in Interests Register 0

To have an editable Interest Register template

Our Board would like add additional columns to the register like 'Date of change' and 'Nature of change'
over 1 year ago in Interests Register 0

Add a term limit on the Interest Register

Enable a space to input "term remaining" next to each individual on the Interests Register. If there was a way to incorporate a "countdown" clock that would also be very useful
about 2 years ago in Interests Register 0

Trustee Interests, Simplified Entry

Bringing all the interests for a Trustee with their profile when they join a sub committee, its a pain to have to re-enter them manually.
over 3 years ago in Interests Register 1 Already exists