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Chat inside the BoardPro

It would be very convenient to have a chat inside the platform where all Board Members or Committees can hold a discussion. Why? Because using other platforms like WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram and creating constantly new groups is annoying. Thanks:)
almost 4 years ago in Other Category 6

Download People List

It would be handy to be able to download the People List just like you can the Interest Register and or Decision Register etc.
about 1 year ago in Other Category 1

Visibility of Ideas Portal

Can you please make the ideas portal more visible.Not easy to find - have to go into my profile and help and type ideas.Could you remind me of it periodically within the application itself - via a pop-up?
over 3 years ago in Other Category 0

Search in one area over all items

Be able to search over the full program via keywords and have the results found sorted into actions resolutions notes documents Also have the existing search features, so for example if you know what you are looking for is an: action you can go to...
5 months ago in Other Category 0

Integrate BP learning hub/ knowledge base with app for our users

Currently the marketing and app websites are different channels, and the rich content in our knowledge base is targeting prospects/ the market over existing customers. Bridging the gap between the two by having a regular feed of e.g.: a page with ...
11 months ago in Other Category 0

AGM Options

As a board when we have AGM's we also invite our Shareholders and others that we want to be able to track interests, actions, decisions and for them to be able to log in and read the board pack. But having an extra committee for a meeting once a y...
over 1 year ago in Other Category 2

Board spot review

Kerryn Newton passed on this material from boardroom insider: Portal programs have online polling/questionnaire capabilities that still go fallow among most boards. “As more boards moving into looking at their performance, there are oppo...
about 5 years ago in Other Category 2

Ability to re-order attachments to a Between Meeting report

It would be useful to be able to reorder these. If you start to draft a report and then want to add other attachments in it is useful to be able to put them in the order which makes sense to the reader. In this case I missed a file when adding the...
almost 2 years ago in Other Category 1

Between meeting report pack

It would be helpful if the between meeting reports could be organised and downloaded similar to a board pack.
over 1 year ago in Other Category 0

Add a spelling checker to BoardPro

While yes there are multiple free Spell checking platforms out there that work really well with BoardPro when I am doing my agenda -Grammarly for example, it would be nice if there was one that was also included in BoardPro.
about 1 year ago in Other Category 0