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Have separate action lists for each meeting

We have two meetings a month. A general meeting and an in committee (Confidential meeting). The Action List has actions for both the meetings and appears in both. We generally upload our general minutes on our website for the public ( the actions ...
6 months ago in Action Items 0

Consolidated action notice

One question that came up was, when there are actions sent out, is it possible to get all the actions for one person sent in one email rather than multiple ones? Please advise when you get a chance.
almost 6 years ago in Action Items 1

Introduce 2 categories of Actions, ie Strategic or Operational

It is common within Board meetings to recommend actions that are Operational but afterwards the Board is often only interested in reviewing/monitoring the progress of actions that are of a Strategic nature. Therefore our Board has requested if Boa...
over 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Transfer actions between meetings

Sometimes, you need to shift action points between meetings so that they belong to the right person. BoardPro doesn't allow for this currently. You have to delete and create actions again... AND raise those actions inside a board meeting. This rel...
over 4 years ago in Action Items 4

Action Lists - Board vs Management

We often have actions for management that result from the board meeting and rather than clutter up the Board action list, I end up typing 'action' in red caps beside it in the notes section of the action. This can sometimes get missed, so it would...
over 1 year ago in Action Items 1

Filter/Sort Action items

Sorting actions by due date/completed date.
9 months ago in Action Items 0

Increase the number of characters in an item title

We needed more than the 75 characters allowed for an item title. I would suggest at least double that to 150. Unlimited would be the best.
over 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Easy access to edit all actions when taking minutes.

No description provided
10 months ago in Action Items 0

Timestamp for action comments

It's very frustrating at present how we have to create our own system for adding comments to actions. I've tried to create a manual workaround using initials and dd/mm/yyyy but, with multiple contributors, this gets messy fast. See screenshot belo...
11 months ago in Action Items 1

More control over action reminders

Can we please control when the final reminder is sent out. A reminder the day before being due would be more useful for most of my clients.
about 3 years ago in Action Items 0