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Add location for upcoming meeting at bottom of the minutes (as well as date & time)

If the location if confirmed for the next meeting, can this please be included at the end of the minutes. It's kinda useful... :)
over 3 years ago in Minutes 0

Provide option to use either Approved or Carried

We have a committee that does not make decisions and we are happy to use the word "Approved". Where the Board makes a decision a better option and more formal is "Carried"
11 months ago in Minutes 0

Separate Actions List/Register

We do not wish to include Actions as a part of the Minutes document and would like a List/Register to generate separately, as BoardPro does for Resolutions.
11 months ago in Minutes 0

Create the ability to lock the agenda numbering

This would be really useful when the meeting does not follow the order of the original agenda. Locking the agenda numbering would allow the minutes to be be numbered the same as the BoardPack and Agenda.
almost 4 years ago in Minutes 0

Ability to add select board paper attachments to the minutes

Some documents are useful to refer to when reviewing the minutes & the ability to add agenda documents to the minutes document would be helpful
almost 2 years ago in Minutes 0

Agenda Purpose information to show up in Board Minutes

I currently use the purpose section to highlight any information we would like to discuss at the meeting and this is also a great place to bullet point information from a previous committee meeting. I have to copy and paste this information and pu...
about 4 years ago in Minutes 0

Resolutions feature to add a unique number to capture against the motion.

Each resolution would normally have it's own unique number for the decision number and the year.....i.e the first meeting of the year, the first resolution would be 01/2021. Each individual entity should also have individual numbering....(so we wo...
about 2 years ago in Minutes 0

@name for a persons full name to be automatically inserted as typing minutes

When typing the minutes it would be great to go @Ad AND the computer automatically inserts Adam Martin at that point, so the computer essentially builds a database of names over time, triggered by the first 2 or 3 initials.... This is important as...
about 3 years ago in Minutes 0

Giving more functionality to the text box for the guest field.

I am pasting some text from a Word document into the "Guest" section of the minutes that has portions in brackets that are in italics. It keeps the formatting when I paste it into the "Notes" section below it but not in the "Guest" section. I usua...
about 2 years ago in Minutes 0

To have the month written in full for Minutes and resolutions

I note that Boardpro abbreviates the date automatically for resolutions and minutes. e.g. Jun, Jul, Aug, etc. My Board prefers the date to be written in full. Is it possible to get this change made?
about 1 year ago in Minutes 0