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Ability to confirm minutes in more than one section of the agenda

We have 2 sessions in our meetings. One is Public (where members of the public are invited and where the minutes are published publically) and the other is Public Excluded where confidential and commercially sensitive items are discussed and the m...
9 months ago in Minutes 0

Ability to add select board paper attachments to the minutes

Some documents are useful to refer to when reviewing the minutes & the ability to add agenda documents to the minutes document would be helpful
over 1 year ago in Minutes 0

Resolutions feature to add a unique number to capture against the motion.

Each resolution would normally have it's own unique number for the decision number and the year.....i.e the first meeting of the year, the first resolution would be 01/2021. Each individual entity should also have individual numbering....(so we wo...
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Giving more functionality to the text box for the guest field.

I am pasting some text from a Word document into the "Guest" section of the minutes that has portions in brackets that are in italics. It keeps the formatting when I paste it into the "Notes" section below it but not in the "Guest" section. I usua...
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Create the ability to lock the agenda numbering

This would be really useful when the meeting does not follow the order of the original agenda. Locking the agenda numbering would allow the minutes to be be numbered the same as the BoardPack and Agenda.
over 3 years ago in Minutes 0

@name for a persons full name to be automatically inserted as typing minutes

When typing the minutes it would be great to go @Ad AND the computer automatically inserts Adam Martin at that point, so the computer essentially builds a database of names over time, triggered by the first 2 or 3 initials.... This is important as...
over 2 years ago in Minutes 0

Ability to move items within the minutes to match the flow of the meeting. If a quick item is discussed out of sequence it would be good to be able to move it within the minutes to the correct place in the meeting discussion without changing it's section.

No description provided
about 1 year ago in Minutes 0

Option to indicate meeting attended by electronic means next to attendees name

with Covid we often have mixed attendance meetings I.e. some members attend in person whilst others choose to attend virtually. For our record we need to show whether or not people are there in person
about 1 year ago in Minutes 0

Agenda Purpose information to show up in Board Minutes

I currently use the purpose section to highlight any information we would like to discuss at the meeting and this is also a great place to bullet point information from a previous committee meeting. I have to copy and paste this information and pu...
over 3 years ago in Minutes 0

Remove date and signature field from minutes

Some organisations are not required to have minutes physically signed and dated, include an option to remove this.
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