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Digital Signing

Allow board chairs and board members to be able to add their signatures to Minutes and other documents within BoardPro.
almost 4 years ago in Document improvements / Minutes 15 Planned

Risk Register

I love the Decision Register. Similar functionality for a Risk Register, a key governance function, would also be an excellent addition. I manually do this currently with a table like below: Risk Impact (Very Low, Low, Medium, ...
almost 5 years ago in Document improvements 7

Customise the style and format of the board pack

Ability to customise the appearance of the board pack with options such as fonts, text size, accent colour, line spacing, etc
over 5 years ago in Document improvements 22

Renaming documents

It would be great if you could rename a document once it is uploaded. This feature is avaialble in another Board platform I've used previously and saved a lot of time
over 1 year ago in Document improvements 1

Further restrictions for folder/document visibility

Having the 'Board Only' lock feature is helpful, but would it be possible to further refine this for eg Chair and Secretary only? For things like reference checks for new Board members etc. Please expand ability to control access beyond "Board Onl...
over 3 years ago in Document improvements 4

Space for signatures on printed minutes

For reports and closing the meetings, I need sections for signatures. Our board requires the chair to sign the minutes then wo board members to move and seconded the meetings sign off at the end. Can this be added to a printed version of previous ...
almost 5 years ago in Document improvements 0 Planned

Email notice when new governance documents are uploaded

It would be great if board members get notifications whendocuments get uploaded into BoardPro
almost 6 years ago in Document improvements 1

Ability to sort the order of Governance document folders other than by A-Z

Would like to rank folders by relevance i.e An archive folder at bottom of selection, and a Review Required at the top. Ability to move folders ( similar to re-ordering actions & decisions when drafting minutes) would be ideal.
about 3 years ago in Document improvements 2

Shared document folder for draft purposes

can a chair and secretary have a personal shared folder to share and discuss documents prior to putting into a board platform
about 5 years ago in Document improvements 2

Register list for Trustee/Director Professional Development

Our Trustees have requested that they have a area where they are able to record their professional development (both individually and as a board as whole) to feed into and report on the Board Development Plan. The Trustees have requested that they...
about 1 year ago in Document improvements 1