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Flying Minutes

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Ability to have Flying Minutes progress to next Meeting for noting by directors

The Flying Minutes with Vote function is excellent. It is easy to use and communicates well with nominated participants. When Voting is completed it would assist in overall Board diligence if the applicable 'Paper' (purpose for which the Flying Mi...
almost 3 years ago in Flying Minutes 3

An in-camera or confidential flying minute

The ability to vote on an out of session resolution without the oversight of the CEO, e.g., a resolution related to CEO remuneration.
11 months ago in Flying Minutes 0

Use Flying Minutes to approve confirm minutes

Can minutes be approved by way of a flying minute? For quarterly meetings, it takes a long time to have our minutes confirmed.
about 1 year ago in Flying Minutes 0

Simple outside cycle meeting function

I just used your between meeting report function to quickly document an impromptu board meeting on an important funding issue. The meeting itself happened on the fly, evolving out of a conversation.It was easier to use the 'report' function than c...
over 1 year ago in Flying Minutes 0

Displaying Vote Progress in a Flying Meeting

To improve transparrency and create the live Board experience of voting, Board Members are asking that they would like to see the progress of votes and reasons as it may surface insight that did not appear in the discussion. While the vote is open...
over 1 year ago in Flying Minutes 0