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Meeting improvements

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Flexible user titles

It would be nice to be able to edit user titles or have a drop-down list of different versions (Member, Board Member, Council Member, Vestry Member, Committee Member etc).In our organisation, we need to change the term 'Board Member' to terms that...
almost 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 4

Move meeting from one 'area' to another eg. to a different committee

The ability to move a meeting from one area or 'tab' to another without deleting and redoing - eg. a meeting for the Trust Committee was set up, invites & agenda sent from the Board area, when it should sit under the Trust Committee area.
about 2 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Public Facing Minutes

Some of our meetings/minutes/documents we need to be able to share with people who are not on our board and do not want them to have access to our BoardPro account. It would be great to be able to have Public Facing Minutes as an option when this ...
almost 3 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Let the meeting administrator/chair control when the board can vote during the meeting.

If a vote is added to an agenda, voting will open when the Chair or Admin opens the vote. With the current voting function, the board member can vote any time as soon as the minutes move into Draft Minutes but often, the admin or chair wants to di...
almost 2 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Customize the cover page

To use BP for external/internal client meetings it would be good to be able to customize the front page, e.g. delete "Board Pack" and Company Name Ltd trading as name. Being able to replace this text/these fields with a meeting specific title wou...
about 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 1

Rolling over an agenda item and documents from meeting to meeting

Is there away to tag an agenda item from a previous meeting to come through to the next meeting with all the attached documents also. As a school. there are a few standard items the happen each meeting under 'compliance / self review' having t...
over 5 years ago in Meeting improvements 4

Roles/Titles on Agenda and Minutes required

Whether for Board or Committee meetings only the designation of the Chair is shown in the documents. Why can't the roles of each attendee be shown as this is important information for these documents (and Auditors) especially if roles change.
over 4 years ago in Meeting improvements 1

Joint Committee Meetings

Joint Committee meetings where aspects of Governance are relevant to both Committees. Ability to invite committee members from other committees for single meeting only.
over 2 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Meeting Decline Notification

If a Director declines a meeting request then the administrator or organiser of the meeting is emailed immediately. I have set up a full years worth of meeting dates to allow the board to put them in the calendar now. The only way at the moment to...
over 3 years ago in Meeting improvements 1

Voting on iPhone and iPad

Functionality to vote on iPhone and iPad. That way, since our meetings are all on Zoom during the pandemic, our board members who use their phone for Zoom can also vote through the BoardPro app.
almost 4 years ago in Meeting improvements 0