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Dot phrases or similar for minute-taking

Minute taking during meetings could be made easier with dot phrases that allow users to type keyboard shortcuts e.g.: .nmdm for needs more discussion at next meetingThese can be system generated to start, eventually enabling users to generate thei...
8 months ago in Meeting improvements / Minutes 0

Hold formatting bar in place when scrolling in notes panel

If the notes panel is populated to the extend that scrolling is required, the formatting bar at the top currently scrolls out of view. If would be good if that could be held and just the typed notes scroll.
6 months ago in Minutes 0

Simplify sharing minutes with auditors

As a board administrator, it is time-consuming to download all the minutes for an auditor, so it would be great if you could make it easier with either a single link to share all minutes, or produce an auditor pack that could be shared with the au...
over 4 years ago in Minutes 1

Expurgated / restricted minutes

Ability to provide expurgated minutes to certain directors who have a conflict of interest, while preventing them from accessing the full minutes.
8 months ago in Minutes 1

Take minutes while reading agenda item

As a minute taker there seems to be no simple way to read the agenda item. Would be good to do both without split screen or tabs
over 2 years ago in Minutes 1

Review functionality in the Minutes

As the Board members are able to review the draft minutes, it would be helpful for them to have the ability to provide feedback etc within the document but for these to be highlighted - such as the review functionality within Microsoft Word (track...
12 months ago in Minutes 0

Permissions-based viewing of Agenda Items minutes, e.g. 'Board Only' items and actions only viewed by Board members

Items discussed which are confidential and not for general knowledge of all members of the minutes circulation group need to be able to be viewed only by the relevant people. An agenda item might have a default 'All' selection for viewing, or 'Onl...
over 1 year ago in Minutes 1

'Absent' option added to voting

When casting a vote there is an 'accept', 'decline', 'abstain' option. It would be great to have a fourth option of 'absent', for those who don't attend a meeting, but where there is still a quorum and therefore voting still takes place.
7 months ago in Minutes 0

Add MP4 recordings to minutes

Most of our meetings are now virtual and it would be useful to be able to add the recording of the meeting (e.g. Zoom) to support the minutes/decisions made etc.
over 1 year ago in Minutes 1

To add a "draft" watermark to minutes before they are confirmed. Then it goes away one they are confirmed.

No description provided
11 months ago in Minutes 1