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Minutes mark-up

Some of our clients need to be able to see mark-ups on the draft minutes.i.e. Company secretary drafts the minutes and finalises with CEO | Chair and then on receipt, some board members want to mark up changes for other board members to see.
over 3 years ago in Minutes 4

Add Images to Minutes

Attaching files is good, but it would be helpful to be able to place images directly into text boxes, e.g. notes/decisions/actions. This could be a diagram, or photo of a whiteboard discussion.
almost 5 years ago in Minutes 8

Take minutes while reading agenda item

As a minute taker there seems to be no simple way to read the agenda item. Would be good to do both without split screen or tabs
almost 2 years ago in Minutes 1

Permissions-based viewing of Agenda Items minutes, e.g. 'Board Only' items and actions only viewed by Board members

Items discussed which are confidential and not for general knowledge of all members of the minutes circulation group need to be able to be viewed only by the relevant people. An agenda item might have a default 'All' selection for viewing, or 'Onl...
10 months ago in Minutes 1

A single link to share all minutes with auditors

a single link to share all minutes, and only minutes, with the auditors would be a real time-saver for all concerned
about 4 years ago in Minutes 1

Add "Tabled" to motion outcome options

There are only two options available to the outcome of a motion: approved and not approved. Please add "Tabled".
6 months ago in Minutes 0

Add MP4 recordings to minutes

Most of our meetings are now virtual and it would be useful to be able to add the recording of the meeting (e.g. Zoom) to support the minutes/decisions made etc.
about 1 year ago in Minutes 1

Add a Te Reo name field for organisations

We would like to see a field added in the General Settings to allow us to include our organisation's Te Reo name. In the standard board minutes header the name would sit below the organisation name. And it could sit below the organisation name on ...
almost 2 years ago in Minutes 0

Future actions/ideas

Often in a Board Meeting, you come up with great actions, ideas, or projects, but they're not a priority right now. When you set these up as actions with a future date, it makes your Action list area really messy to update. And if you store these ...
11 months ago in Minutes 0

Voice to text meeting minutes

During the meeting BoardPro would capture verbal discussions and transcribe them into the minutes text of the meeting
over 1 year ago in Minutes 0