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Pre write resolutions when creating the board pack

Pre write resolutions when creating the board pack so it saves time doing it on the day and accuracy of resolution
about 1 year ago in Board Pack 0

Read Receipt when Board papers have been read by a Director/Trustee

We make an effort to have all board papers out to Directors/Trustees within 7 days of holding a meeting. Being able to view when they have been opened and read would be a handy tool to have.
about 4 years ago in Board Pack 6

Moving documents to a different agenda item

I uploaded 4 documents to an agenda item, and realised that I attached it to the wrong agenda item. I had to delete the document and re-upload them to the correct agenda item. It would make it a lot quicker and easier if it gave the option 'move ...
over 4 years ago in Board Pack 0

Offline mode for the iOS app

It would be great to be able to use BoardPro Notes on my iPad , because sometimes the meetings are not in a place where there is Internet, or I'm travelling.
over 2 years ago in Offline Mode 4

Permanent attachments

Have the ability to have attachments carry over from meeting to meeting
about 1 year ago in Board Pack 0

Board Pack preview prior to publishing the agenda

Useful if you need to view or distribute the Board Pack ahead of publishing for review. Would like to see this in PDF.
over 3 years ago in Board Pack 4

Microsoft / Android version of the BoardPro Notes app

App available for Microsoft and Android users, just as there is an iOS app.
over 3 years ago in Board Pack 0

Public (or Shared) Comments in the Board Pack

As a board member, I would like to be able to share a comment either with the whole board or with just a few. Please allow me to add shared comments when I am reading the board pack.
over 5 years ago in Board Pack 3

Export Action List

The layout of the action list is long, would like to input as a table either through BoardPro or with the option to export to table.
almost 3 years ago in Board Pack 1

Notification when documents are loaded or draft agenda changed

For my last two board meetings, the CFO's have loaded files to the draft agenda without telling me. This lost the board critical reviewing time. Rather than rely on human memory/error, it would be great if the agenda creator was notified when othe...
over 3 years ago in Board Pack 2