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Multiple email accounts

I would like to have meeting notifications to go to multiple email addresses. Eg. my EA
15 days ago in Security Improvements 0

Have the Vote Agenda item be opened at a specific time

Currently, a vote is open once the meeting is moved into Draft Minutes. It would be better if there was a toggle on the agenda item that the Chair or Admin could switch on for allowing the vote to be open -thus being able to control the vote better.
5 months ago in Minutes 0

Hide the vote numbers while motion is open

When we are doing a vote and it is open, if a board member is in the agenda they can see the tally of numbers which could influence them. It would be better if that number of vote counts was hidden until after the vote was closed.
5 months ago in Minutes 0

Poll or Ballot Vote

It would be great to have an option of Poll Voting instead of multiple agenda items for decisions made for the same vote. For example: when we are voting for a new board position and there are multiple candidates it would be much easier to tick a ...
5 months ago in Minutes 0

Send just one email with all the action reminders for that person in it

Instead of having to send individual action reminder emails to one person for all of their open actions send just one email with all the action reminders for that person in it
5 months ago in Action Items 0

Provide the ability to select and move bulk files from one folder to another

No description provided
5 months ago in Document improvements 0

Provide the ability to copy the interests for a board member to his interests as a committee member after he has already been set up rather than only being able to do it at the time he is set up as a member of a committee.

It would save time for administrators and users where this was ommitted to be done on initial set up.
5 months ago in Interests Register 2

Hold formatting bar in place when scrolling in notes panel

If the notes panel is populated to the extend that scrolling is required, the formatting bar at the top currently scrolls out of view. If would be good if that could be held and just the typed notes scroll.
6 months ago in Minutes 0

Attend remotely option for attendees

Add an 'attend by zoom' option column to the Board Meeting main page. It will help greatly to facilitate catering, room size planning and who needs a Zoom link. Scheduling for quorum can be difficult and that is not something that will go away as ...
6 months ago in Meeting improvements 0

Redact or Restrict the Minutes for Non-Board Members

Be able to redact or restrict specific parts of the Minutes for Non Board Members. For example Auxillary Staff who are attending the meeting and have read access to the Minutes but we may only want them to view specific agenda items.
7 months ago in Minutes 1