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PINNED Confirm Minutes before the next meeting
Our board does not meet every month so minutes wait a long time for confirmation. It would be better if we could confirm minutes before the next meeting while everyone's memory is still fresh, such as through a Flying Minute.
PINNED Flying Minutes appear in the Agenda/Board Pack
We like to review/recap the Flying Minutes that have taken place since the last meeting. Currently there is no way to easily include these in the Agenda/Board Pack, they only appear in the Minutes which are distributed after the meeting. It would ...

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Add page numbers to agenda for those who print the board pack

Some of our members still print their pack, and need page numbers on the agenda so they can navigate their printed document.
almost 3 years ago in Agenda 1 Already exists

Explanation of conflict on the register

Please add a text field to write what the conflict relates to in the interests register ie: wife works for xyz company, or management contract for services
over 3 years ago in Other Category 1 Already exists

Meeting Attendees - more options

Make it clear who are directors and who isn't. Can't tell by looking, so it appears everyone is a director.
over 7 years ago in  0 Already exists

Meeting Attendees

Currently BoardPro shows all members not attending as apologies when actually they are no apologies, they are just not required to attend. Is there any way of showing them other than apologies?
almost 4 years ago in Meeting improvements 2 Already exists

Google Suite Links - improved uploading & display of hyperlinks to files

Businesses have an increasing amount of content on Google Docs/Sheets. We're not just attaching Excel spreadsheets and PDFs anymore. As such, it would be great to see a better way to add hyperlinks and have them displayed in Board Pro. A good star...
about 3 years ago in Document improvements 1 Already exists

Upload a URL link to a webpage

At present only documents can be uploaded. It would be useful to be able to provide a link to a web page in the agenda (rather than PDF'ing the article with mixed results and uploading the PDF).
over 3 years ago in Agenda 1 Already exists

Simple Board Pack

We are an Incorporated Society and many members still print the Agenda and Previous minutes. Only way to get this is via the Board Pack, which includes the attachments for the meeting. Can we have a Simple Board Pack with the Agenda and past minut...
over 5 years ago in Board Pack 0 Already exists

Notes icon in minutes (like Decisions and Actions have)

I love the Note/Decision/Action split you make. However, in minutes, the last two get an icon but notes don't. The icons are also not consistent with those used earlier (see screenshot) and also not given the same colour. This can make it a little...
almost 6 years ago in Document improvements 3 Already exists

Trustee Interests, Simplified Entry

Bringing all the interests for a Trustee with their profile when they join a sub committee, its a pain to have to re-enter them manually.
about 3 years ago in Interests Register 1 Already exists

Ability for committee/board members to enter their own interests.

Interests get a bit complicated and annoying to edit when Board and committee members don't provide all the information. The ability for them to add that information themselves would be really useful.
over 3 years ago in Other Category 1 Already exists