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PINNED Include more updates to Action items in Board Pack
Currently the Board pack only shows the most recent update to an action item. It would be great to be able to include all updates in the board pack; or allow the Action item's owner or Company Secretary to choose the updates relevant to include in...
PINNED Edit document names in Governance Documents
It would be helpful to be able to edit filenames in Governance Documents, after they have been uploaded. At present we can change folder names, but not filenames.

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Flying Minute Host email notification of comments

As a host you get email notifications as comments come in to a flying minute. This allows you to monitor comments to a flying minute without having to go into the flying minute.
almost 3 years ago in Email Notification 1 Shipped

Eliminate word count restrictions on Agenda and Minutes

No description provided
over 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 0 Shipped

Action items: Email notices & reminders

No description provided
over 7 years ago in  1 Shipped

Show voting in process when a flying minute vote is going on

I tend to forget about the voting, it would be helpful to keep this in a place that I look at alot more than the inbetween meetings section
almost 3 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

Document Previewer

Ability to get a quick preview of a document in the app, without having to download it first.
over 7 years ago in  0 Shipped

Better full screen options

Preview mode should have a full screen option, or notes full screen should have better navigation. None of the options seem that user friendly when you want to see the pack full screen - either the screen is too small, the navigation is difficult ...
about 3 years ago in Board Pack 1 Shipped

Agenda Summary

A new committee member just asked me where the simple, high-level meeting agenda summary was without having to flick through all the pages of the meeting pack. There isn't one. This looks like an oversight and opportunity. I ended up writing an ag...
almost 5 years ago in Board Pack 6 Shipped

Add minute taking functionality to Action Items section.

I am talking specifically about the action items section when you add it to the agenda and then take minutes. in minute taking mode the action items appear and work well. But tools for taking notes and decisions and actions dont appear, like they ...
over 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 1 Shipped

Create a Read Only Role

It would be good to have a role that is read only throughout BoardPro, such as for an auditor.
about 7 years ago in  1 Shipped

Make minute-taking interface more obvious

A number of our users take a little while to figure out how to create minutes for the first time and need to be guided through finalising an agenda to get into minutes mode. How about showing the basic minutes interface 'greyed out' within details...
over 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 0 Shipped