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Folders for the Document Repository

Be able to create and label folders for the document repository
over 6 years ago in Document improvements 0 Shipped

Ability to reorder notes, decision and action items within each Minute

Enable the ability to reorder notes, decision and action items within each Minute section so that it makes more sense or if an item is missed and added later - currently adding a new item will be the last item.
over 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0 Shipped

Flying Minute Host email notification of comments

As a host you get email notifications as comments come in to a flying minute. This allows you to monitor comments to a flying minute without having to go into the flying minute.
about 2 years ago in Email Notification 1 Shipped

Improve the personal profile

I'd like to be able to add my picture, profile info and contact details into BoardPro so that other directors can get in touch with me and new directors can learn about me.
over 6 years ago in  0 Shipped

Show voting in process when a flying minute vote is going on

I tend to forget about the voting, it would be helpful to keep this in a place that I look at alot more than the inbetween meetings section
about 2 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

Board Pack Name

When uploading a Board Pack the file name is quite lengthy and repeats the meeting name making it quite clunky. Can this be summarised? Also not all our meetings are Board Meetings and it refers to Board Packs throughout which is quite confusing f...
almost 6 years ago in Document improvements 1 Shipped

mover and seconder tabs plus carried tab

so you can just add person; like attendance for each decision rather than having to right it all out. plus carried a tick or cross
almost 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0 Shipped

Improvements to the Close meeting section

From Geoff Walker: Hi team, it would be really handy to beef up the end meeting section. Examples include; items to add to the next meetings agenda any apologies for the next meeting.
almost 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 1 Shipped

Better full screen options

Preview mode should have a full screen option, or notes full screen should have better navigation. None of the options seem that user friendly when you want to see the pack full screen - either the screen is too small, the navigation is difficult ...
over 2 years ago in Board Pack 1 Shipped

Adding Attendees in the Agenda

In the Attendees/Apologies section (embedded in the Agenda) it would be good to be able to 'add Attendees' in this section, opposed to having to do it via the main menu (note that if the time is taken to set-up company correctly then all the poten...
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 1 Shipped