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PINNED Edit document names in Governance Documents
It would be helpful to be able to edit filenames in Governance Documents, after they have been uploaded. At present we can change folder names, but not filenames.
PINNED Include more updates to Action items in Board Pack
Currently the Board pack only shows the most recent update to an action item. It would be great to be able to include all updates in the board pack; or allow the Action item's owner or Company Secretary to choose the updates relevant to include in...

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On the Homepage, actions don't link through

All you can do is change the status of actions on the homepage. The title should be hyperlinked so that you can go through to it and add comments.
over 5 years ago in Action Items 4 Shipped

Review an action item in context

As a board member, when I receive an action item email I sometimes need to see more context around it. I would like to be able to click on a link in the email notices and reminders that will take me to the meeting and allow me to read the agenda ...
almost 7 years ago in Action Items 0 Shipped

Automatically include Minutes to be approved in the Board Pack

Automatically insert the Minutes of previous meetings - that are to be approved in this meeting - into the Board Pack
about 7 years ago in Document improvements 1 Shipped

One action list across multiple boards

If you are on multiple boards it would be great to have a view of all action items across all the boards.
about 7 years ago in Other Category 1 Shipped

Ability to move items from one agenda or minute section to another

Sometimes an item maybe entered incorrectly under one heading and then is a need to move the item under another heading. The current process involves deleting the incorrect item and adding the new item under the different heading
about 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 1 Shipped

Minutes - Increase character limit

The 2000 character limit on the minute is too restrictive - increase to as large as possible.
over 7 years ago in  0 Shipped

Board Pack

Single PDF file of the board papers for a particular meeting: Feature Overview MoSCoW Cover Sheet Cover sheet with document title, meeting title, meeting date M Agenda First page is detailed agenda of the meeting M Table of contents List of all th...
over 7 years ago in  5 Shipped

Governance Repository Folders visible to staff and board

Dion from TSB trust said their board wanted to cut the size of the pack down. So asked for a repository folder that they could store reference papers i.e. information paper on strategic mapping but that it needed to be available to both board and ...
over 5 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

a decisions register

the ability to search and recover past board decisions that have been filed in folders
over 6 years ago in Document improvements 1 Shipped

Layout improvements - board pack

Hi guys. Just some feedback whilst I'm reading my board papers etc. I'm currently in the CSST agenda PDF file. The layout I find really distracting. Each clause within a section heading eg 2.5 is positioned immediately below the final line of the ...
over 6 years ago in Document improvements 1 Shipped